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Brian Dimsho
Brian Dimsho is a USTA certified official and the resident official of the Orange County Grand Prix.


Got a question regarding the rules of tennis? Ask the official! Browse through the questions below or submit your own question if you don't find the answer you're looking for. All questions will be reviewed and if selected, Brian will publish your question with the official ruling!
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Submitted By Subject
Judy Score
??? Her First Time
Confused Wrong Service Rotation
Rodger from Newport Scores
rarellanes entering a tournament
Jimmy Ratings
Giada Conflicting call on serve
Bobby Coaching Appropriate or Not?
Liz Who is to call the let? Server, receiver, or both?
J. USTA Rating
Michael Grand Prix Tournaments
Kenny Tran how to be qualified to play in the tournament ?
Cheryl Saunders hit the scorepost
Mark Spectators on Court?
Anonymous Foot position during serve
Hammers Playing out balls
Anonymous Incorrect Game Score
Don Players on wrong side.
Anonymous Rankings?
Anonymous Different matches at different levels?
Stacy Bad Call
sam Change over
Ireetennis NRTP rating
Anonymous Grand Prix ID#
Ireetennis warming up before a match
Do Trang Changing the call
winston catching a ball after it hits the net
Mark lets
Sharie Qualifying for Grand Prix
anonymous Bad Air Quality
Tom Getting NTRP rating adjusted
Anonymous Grand Prix Rankings
Sam here's a new one...
Anonymous Third Set Tiebreak
tennislove Play in 4.5 or 5.0 ?
Vitaly mix 4.0 and 3.0: which division to play in?
Anonymous Double Foot Fault
Just call me Dolly Clothing Malfunction-
Sam(antha) Huh???
net chick Does this previous answer also apply towards Grand Prix rules?
PT No Resting Allowed?
Need to Know Woman plays as a man!!!
Cathy ?new tie breaker
Anonymous What are 'Novice satelite' division
Mark Foot Fault Protocol
Frank Tournament registration
PumpItUp Ball off of score cards
Anonymous Grand Prix Points
Shore Warrior 1st serve into neighboring court
Sam Throwing a Racquet
Anonymous Ball over the fence
Anonymous Still Confused about tiebreakers
Cheryl Foot Faults
Rader make the call
Anonymous What is or is not an injury?
Anonymous a tie in points at the master
dan harris serving
4.0 womens doubles team Scoring a tied match play suspended due to bad weather
Drader return of serve
Senior mixed dbls. player in the wrong position
Ernestine Cell phone ringing
Shore Warrior seeking ammo Serve from the fence?
johnhwy1 Who can serve when set goes to tie break?
Anonymous Ball Through the Net
Bosco over rule on a call?
Anonymous ball falls out of pocket after point begins
Ken Montgomery Becoming a USTA Official
Mary Amen-Nehrlich Broken string
Shore Warrior Sneak serve - - no pause at the baseline
Zach can you change umpires?
zack requesting not to have a certain official
Jim Kelly Hitting net player om 1st serve
Defaulted and worried! Defaults
Enid Who serves first?
Darrel Taking a drink of water between points
MaryAnn Warm-up time and balls
MaryAnn changed call
Wind blown and pissed Windy Distraction
renee who's call is it?
Caught acting up Code Violations
Stacy Server calling his own ball long
Mark mistake in order of service in tie breaker
The TennisDentist What if my opponent hits my racquet?
RK Permanent Fixture
Carol Davinroy Calling out the score on serve
Ramona coaching during a tournament
Kathy Racquet Follow Thru At Net
Sam warm-up rules
P.T. Who can return the serve?
SS Change of Chair Umpier
Servenvolley99 Loud Mouth
Anonymous Time Conflicts
Anonymous racquet head size
Want to Follow the Rules Rules of Tennis
Cheryl Hitting a ball on the other Side of the Net
Confussed Who Serves First
Why Me Why Is he Watching Us
Roger Partner Abuse
Ed Changed Call
Jim Kelly Hitting the net
Pat Re-Warm-Ups & Distractions
Jennifer Hit off the Court
Mark Flannery Seen Not Heard
Ray B. Throwing a Racquet
Samantha Stalling
Kim Dangerous Play
Sam Court Maintenance
Joe High Wind

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